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Kollel Ratzon Yehuda encourages and publishes the scholarly writing of its staff. In summer 5766 (July 2006) it published the work of Rabbi Jonathan Blass, the Rosh Kollel, on the Rambam’s Guide to the Perplexed. The book “Minofet Tzuf” was awarded first prize for Torah research literature by the city of Petach Tikva. In 5767 Rabbi Aviad Ashwal, a Ratzon Yehuda graduate and rabbi of the Yad Yosef Synagogue published his book “Birkat Moshe” on the halachic rulings on brachot of Rabbi Yosef Kapach. In the works is a book by Rabbi Uri Redman on the Life and Writing of Rabbi Citron, one of Petach Tikva’s first rabbis, who was a Religious Zionist and friend of Rav Kook.

"One must welcome Rav  Blass’ book as good news: for the first time in many years, the religious reader has a contemporary and challenging commentary on the less illuminated/arcane  issues embedded in Guide to the Perplexed…here is an opportunity for yeshiva students to study the subject in depth and not abandon it to the mavericks/non-conformists and academicians. " - Dr. Zohar Amar, Lecturer Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology, Bar Ilan  University

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